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Making the most of your home interior design

In Danish Loft Design Company’s Custom Shop our carpenters engage in custom-made solutions for both interior design clients and private customers.

Our carpenters take pride in helping you out on custom heights, widths and lengths. At the end of the day, Danish Loft Design Co. is about supporting your own Danish Loft Living.

Find your Danish Loft Design furniture piece under FURNITURE and write your requirements to us at info@danishloftdesign.com. We are happy to come back to you with a solution.

You are of course always welcome to visit us in our show rooms in Bangkok and Singapore for advice and a good cup of coffee.


From conceptualization to final refurbishment

For years, both our network of architects and Steven Tynan, our Head of Design, has engaged in projects, going from interior design and renovation of restaurants to private-home interior design, typically for European clients in Denmark, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Rooted in his own Danish heritage, and inspired by the international LOFT style, Steven Tynan’s deliverables have included hybrid Danish-International design concepts.
Often he has hand crafted specialty furniture for the occasion.

Danish Loft Design Company engages in projects from the stage of concept development and often all the way to execution of the actual refurbishment.

Drop us an email at info@danishloftdesign.com and we will be happy to engage in a personal dialogue about your needs and how we can help you develop your project.

Our interior design projects are done under the brand name ReGroup. To see reference pictures, please visit ReGroup.

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