Double sided bookshelves, large, new dimensions

Double sided bookshelves, large, new dimensions

For all the bookworms out there, this Doubled-Sided Bookshelf is available in Tabak and Acacia wood, making it a solid piece of furniture you must have. The see-through back of the shelf gives off a light, airy feeling making your spaces not feel cluttered. Colours available include black, white, red, orange and steel grey.

Product Specifications
Dimensions (cm) :
200 x 50 x 82

Material Type : Beech wood planks and Powder coated steel, Acasia plank and Powder coated steel
Material and Color Option : Beech wood natural, white washed, brown,Acacia Natural, Whitewashed, Antique, Dark Brown
Metal Color Option : Black, White, Cream White, Gray, Red, Orange

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