danish loft mentioned in brochure

When industrial loft meets Danish minimalism, the result? Stunning

danish loft mentioned in brochure

Take a step into Danish Loft Design Co.’s show house in Bangsar and be amazed how these two elements – wood and metal – can be transformed into an incredibly comfortable living space. Inspired by the look of “New York Lofts” with its semi-industrial appearance, Danish Loft succeeds in striking the perfect balance between the solid industrial loft concept with Danish subtle aesthetic.

Being one of the key players in interior design and architecture, Danish Loft has certainly lived up to its slogan – solid urban furniture. And by doing so, it emphasizes on two principles: functionality and simplicity.

Each product you will see in Danish Loft is designed according to its vital function without the redundant clutters to ensure an enjoyable experience: a chair offers a comfortable seat to its owner and a table provides a spacious setting as a workplace or dining events. Want a communal setting to your space? Well, the comfort and spacious features in Danish Loft’s pieces encourage a highly interactive and social lifestyle which is something you commonly see in today’s Malaysian cosmopolitan setting. With that being said, you can easily bring Danish Loft into your home or commercial setting.

You will also discover that the straight-and-simple line is prominent in Danish Loft’s furniture, giving an illusion that it is light and delicate. On the contrary, try giving one of the chairs a lift. Its elementary-looking chair is stunningly heavy and sturdy as Danish Loft uses iron of high quality which can be found in construction, shipyards and elevator shaft, building you solid pieces that are practical and long-lasting in the Malaysian’s tropical climate.

With simplicity driving Danish Loft’s vision, Lars, one of the founders of Danish Loft alongside Steven, explains that the products in Danish Loft are pristine like a canvas. As they are designed with minimal noise to it, owners have the freedom to express their creativity by decorating the furniture to their likings. Solid urban furniture indeed, Danish Loft Design Co. is bringing the industrial loft back in style.

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