The urban interior design of this decade

On the international arena, the Loft design remains among the hottest interior design trends, and is the trend most featured in magazines, at international exhibitions and in the international bar and restaurant scene.

The Loft style comes out of the high profiled “New York Lofts”. Think “The Meat Packing District” in New York, “Sex & The City”, and images of wood, metal, high ceilings and rough semi-industrial settings come to mind. The Loft style borrows from various other styles, whilst remaining true to the fundamental combination of wood and metal.

It is on this very foundation that Danish Loft Design Company has built its furniture series. Blending simple Danish design philosophies with the Loft design trend to create great furniture pieces which takes “LOFT” to the next level.


Steven Tynan

Head of Design, Partner

Born in 1963 in Odense, Denmark, later living in Copenhagen.

Though initially pursuing the corporate world , Steven consistently ended up heading business related interior design tasks.

Many projects required specially designed furniture and interior.

Steven always found his inspiration and satisfaction in creating, and for decades has been handcrafting his own designed furniture pieces.

After moving to Asia in 2004, Steven started working 100% professionally with designing and projecting contemporary restaurants, bars as well as upmarket private homes in Hong Kong and Thailand.
As a clear line and style of furniture matured, Danish Loft Design evolved and continues to evolve with a huge international inspiration and with the simplicity of Danish Design.
All Loft style, metal and wood, inspired by the world, and balanced by a strong preference for the Danish design aesthetics.